sunny summer outfit

Hiii, like you see the sun is shining. I miss this time so bad, the days were so long. This is the time of the year, summer. Going out with friends shopping, swimming and just hanging around. But yeah it's winter now so what am i talking about hhaha.

I'm wearing here a white t-shirt with black stripes, and on top a baby-blue blazer perfect for the summer,  with blue denim jeans, but you don't see it in the pictures but i thought i tell you which jeans i wore hahah. As accessories i wore a gold necklace and a pair of light pink earrings. 

today has just been a total normal school day. Like always was it raining, i would't look strange
if tomorrow the sun is shining and the next day is beginning to snow. I'm used to it, one day rain the other 
day sun. When i'm home the rain can begin cause that's cozy, in your bed watching a movie with a cup of 
thee. I love that kind of days. But i hate it when it rains on a school day. 

with love, 

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Mooi blazer! Ik mis de zomerzon wel, hoewel de lage winterzon hele mooie foto's op kan leveren is hij toch niet zo warm.

    1. Dankjewell! Jaa ik ook, lekker warm, maar toen was de zonsondergang ook heel mooi wat ook mooie foto's kan opleveren!