The sun came to visit

Hii, so these pictures were made 2 days ago. And i was sooooo happy, just because it was a wonderful day. The sun was shining after a while, and not even a little bit. It was cold, but the sun made the weather warm. Kim and Demi came to me for making photo's. And it was really fun not only because the wetter came out so well but also because Demi and i haven't made photo's with Kim before. And you can guess Kim was a little shy hahah (but the pictures with her came out pretty well). This day i released that i'm really proud to have friends like this. We had so much fun.  

Well my birthday is in a week, 22 february. I'm turning 17! Woooohoo. So we planned to make pictures, because when my birthday comes they want to post a photo with me on instagram. Yeeey i'm so excited, and normally i'm not as excited as i'm now. Do you know what's frustrating, if someone asks you what you want for your birthday but you actually don't know it. Well you want a lot of things but not for you birthday, i wan't something what i normally wouldn't buy. I'm thinking, and thinking but i don't know. And the funniest thing about birthdays, are the presents. 

This outfit came like a Zara look, because everything came from the Zara (not the shoes & the pants) and i didn't plan it. I love the Zara, the clothes are amazing. They have like a chique look, but a street style look to. 

I'm wearing a black jacket from the Zara,
 a white blouse with lace from the Zara,
a red scarf from the Zara,
black pants from the Pull&Bear,
and at least a pair of beige shoes from the dolcis

As accessory i wore ping earrings,
a watch from oozoo
and at least a bracelet 

I hope you like this look and the pictures, because i did. And i'll see you in the next post. 

With love, 

This one is with my friend Demi. 

This one is with my friend Kim.

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