Years come and go and i'm 17 now!

Hiii, so you know it was my birthday 2 weeks ago! This post came a little bit late, but i hadn't have time to make this post, so sorry for that. I celebrated my birthday with my friends and family. It went very well, i enjoyed every second of it. Saturday around 9 o'clock my friends came, but Demi and Jitte didn't want to give my gift before 12 o'clock because it wasn't my birthday yet. That was like the saddest part of my "party" hahaha. I got a cute little bag, a marc jacobs lipstick, a lipliner and money. I asked my parents for a iphone 5s but i'm not sure if they are going to give it to me. My father agrees with it, but my mom thinks that my iphone 4 is still good. (actually no because he stucks a lot!)

Honestly i don't like the age 17, don't get me wrong but i have a feeling that the age 17 is just a age that's there because it had to be. Although i don't like the age 17, i'm going to make the best of it and i'm going to enjoy every moment. Being happy, and just looking forward positively. I think if you want to reach something, and you truly want it you can get there.

I don't have a lot of photo's from my birthday, because i totally forgot to make them. I have a couple pictures off the presents I got from my friends.

The lipstick and the lipliner is from Marc Jacobs. 
The color is off the lipstick is Infamous
and the color off the lipliner is Prim(rose)

The bag is from the Finzz, I don't know if you know it but it's a little store in holland. It's quite expensive but it often has cute stuff like the bag/clutch I got. I first wanted this bag in the color beige, but it sold out, so the only color what has left is this one, grey. I honestly like the beige more but I like this one as well. It fits by every color. 

With love,

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